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Frozen Snacks

Crispy Fried Rings

For Something different, MACKSM Crispy fried rings are a great way to add interest in to the plate. Made from premium  fresh sliced onions, which are batter and  breaded.

Mozzarella Sticks

Crispy on the outside in cheesy from inside, MACKSM  mozzarella sticks provides great plate coverage  to attract  audience pleaser. Love specially by cheese lovers.

Crusty Potato finger

Crusty potato fingers launched by MACKSM loved by kids and specially for Jains.  All time favorite on their own  in kids menu.

Spicy Paneer Bites

The humble spicy paneer bites that replace the chicken nuggets and taste mildly spicy and  delicious. It is versatile enough as a part of a dish or offered as a stand alone items.